DOST Launches Juan Time Campaign: ‘Filipino Time’ Is Now ‘On Time’

Whoever coined the term “Filipino time” will now find a stark contrast from its original use. “Filipino time” originally describes the Filipinos’ penchant for starting, or arriving at, events some 15 to 30 minutes later than the set time. It has become a notorious habit that, unknown to many, pulls back the country in terms of lost productivity.

In a bid to help shift this mindset and re-instill the value of time, the Department of Science and Technology, through the Science and Technology Information Institute, launches “Juan Time,” a campaign that promotes time-consciousness among Filipinos.

Juan Time aims to promote the nationwide use of the Philippine Standard Time (hence “Juan Time”, a word play on “One Time” and “Juan” being the common name for Filipinos) and sync timepieces with the PST.

“PST, the country’s official time, sets only one common time in the archipelago’s more than 7,100 islands,” DOST Sec. Mario Montejo says. “Juan Time reminds Filipinos that keeping to the PST avoids the difficulties of having confusing, unsynchronized time.”

“With Juan Time, Filipino time will come to mean ‘on time’ and no longer late,” Montejo added.

Source: DOST

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