Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies Conference 2015

The EASTS 11th Conference seeks to continue the promotion of high quality research on transportation throughout East Asia. The conference is committed to produce quality academic and practical papers, from the various member domestic societies.

The conference will be working on the theme of “Resilient and Inclusive Transportation Systems through Smarter Mobility,” which aims to highlight solutions from a variety of research initiatives across the region that address the current issues regarding transportation. These include innovations and best practices as well as systems and processes that can be adapted to local conditions.

EASTS 2015

EASTS 11th Conference
11-14 September 2015
Cebu City, Philippines

Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS) was founded in November 1994 as a result of the meeting among the transport experts coming from 13 countries/regions in eastern Asia. The significant meeting of experts happened in Kawana in Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan.

This is an umbrella organization of transportation science societies with the primary objectives of fostering and supporting excellence in transportation research and practice and to stimulate professional interchange in all aspects and modes of transportation.

For the official AVP of the EASTS 2015 Conference, see this video.

* Text and image from EASTS 2015

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