About This Site

What Is This All About?

Pinoy Engineers is an educational / informational and discussion-driven website geared towards helping Filipino and Philippine-based engineering professionals, applicants and students.

The site aims to:

  • Share news and information relevant to Filipino engineers and engineering students.
  • Provide a venue for Filipino engineers to discuss topics of interest.
  • Connect engineers with each other and with industries / companies within their fields of specialization.
  • Post updates from Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and various professional organizations

How Can I Participate?

You may read news and updates anywhere on the site, and post comments on various blog posts and discussions.

For a more meaningful experience, we encourage you to sign up for a free account in Pinoy Engineers. Members will have the following powers:

  • Submit articles / blog posts for publishing on Pinoy Engineers
  • Participate / post in the Pinoy Engineers Forum